Software Controller

This is the tech that puts the 'smart' in Turntide Smart Motor System™. It's the brains of the operation.

The patented control algorithms monitor motor feedback to optimise for efficiency at any speed, and our product also allows for connection to sensors in the managed space to enable intelligent remote monitoring and control of the operating environment.

In other words, we have a clever little piece of tech here that can squeeze out and optimise every last bit of energy efficiency from our motors and give you full control over what they're doing at all times.


  • Intelligent optimisation to further reduce energy output

  • Fully compatible with pretty much all BMS systems

  • Cloud Connected for data analysis

Get in touch and we will use our advanced ROI tools to calculate the energy and carbon that we could save your business. If you like what you hear, but maybe think it sounds too good to be true, we can follow up with a small trial to fully prove it to you. (BTW we haven't failed yet, and we're sure you won't be the first)

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